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The studio started in 1994 with exterior and interior colour schemes commissions. This lead to a longer cooperation with the Swedish ceramic producer CC H确䳠and the start of a colour scheme for a new tile collection called Harmony. Collaborated during several years with various architects offices and among these was Claes Kock Arkitekter 1995-2001 Specialised later in site specific design projects in different materials and techniques. Has worked on several interior design projects in cooperation with Studio Mia Cullin, such as the Pavilion at Ulriksdals W䲤shus 2007.


University College of Art, Craft and Design, Senior lecturer in textile design, 2006-
Royal College of Art, Architecture, Glass and Architecture, 2001-02
Claes Kock Arkitekter, underkonsult 1995-2001
Svedmyr F䲧&Form, researchassistent, The materiality of the painted surface, 1993-94
Royal Institute of Technology, Architecture, Light and space, special student 1993.
B奴h + B奴h Arkitekter, 1990-91
Marie Dreiman Design, 1990-
Konstfack Textil, MFA 1989

Member of Sveriges Arkitekter, SIR/MSA.
Member of Sveriges Designer SID/MSD.
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